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About us

Who are we in reality? Let me introduce ourselves, especially to those, who had no opportunity – so far, to meet us in person.

As in life, so at work we form one couple.

We complete each other in all areas and our aim is to take such photos which you will be happily looking at also several years later.

Silvia – graphic artist, wife, mother

As graphic designer member of our team I am the person who erases the wrinkles on the faces, I lit up the eyes and bring real style into your images. I am in charge of graphical editing of the so popular photobooks offered also by us, and I am preparing slideshows with music, too. All the computer photo editing work and post-processing is a pleasure for me. I gained my knowledge taking part in master editing courses abroad and I am developing my professional skills by continuous learning.

Roland – photographer, husband, father

I successfully finished my studies at the New York Institute of Photography photography school in 2001 and I became an AFIAP photo artist in 2008, awarded by the International Photography Committee with its seat in Paris. I am a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Slovak Republic, the World Association of Hungarian Photographers and the International Photography Committee. There are a number of diplomas which also give evidence of my work so far. However, the best recognition for me at all are a great many kind requests for photo shooting, which I am getting from those people interested in our work. 

Thank to our working method we are continuously broadening our portfolio, due to which we are making at present not only wedding photography, but also family photography too. We always take into account quality, therefore we have been working for years only with reliable, professional photo technique.

We would be glad to present our work to you in a personal meeting beside a fragrant coffee or even a fine glass of wine.