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Getting ready through the eyes of the wedding photographer

What is going on behind the scenes, or the first hours of the Big Day. Another one collection of pictures from old wedding photos giving an insight into wedding preparations. At every single wedding fate brings me together with pretty brides, handsome grooms, brilliant make-up artists and creative hairstylists. So I as a wedding photographer have a cushy time. All I have to do is only to capture the various moments and details of the preparations. And I'm doing this with great pleasure from week to week, from wedding to wedding. I think a wedding photo album is complete only if it recalls the Big Day from A to Z, from the early morning preparations till the bridal dance. Of course there are also smaller weddings (and there are more and more of these nowdays), when the photographer begins to work later, usually when the wedding ceremony starts. At these smaller weddings the wedding photographer unyokes already at dinner or at the opening dance. However, we love and value these nuptials, too. The world is changing, and so are changing the wedding traditions and also we.

Hopefully, towards good...

Good light to everyone!

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