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Once upon a time, there was a Hungarian-Danish wedding

Inspired by fairytales, at some point “18+“ and for me as an extra, it was on my birthday.

The dear Family Vajo honored me for the second time with their trust, and after Dóri’s memorable wedding in 2016, it was my pleasure to be the photographer on Rékus’ big day as well. When the bride asked me to photograph the wedding, I could see that their big day is on my big day (birthday) as well, I knew the stairs joined together and it will be a extraordinary photosession. At that time, I knew only around 40% about the wedding, the last 60% was a surprise. I have to say, there was that 10% “18+“ part, what I already mentioned in the introduction, but let it stay between the Newlyweds and me and those, who where lucky enough to see!

The location was the Sacelláry Castle in Budafok, the wedding guests were Hungarians and Danes, but mostly joyful people. The wedding was carefully planned, and detailed, as a thorough “company“ organized and made it, the bride herself. I mean it seriously, I have been in many places, photographed more than 20 nationalities’ weddings, but when the matches, the water, etc are all about the Newlyweds.. Well, I raise my hat, Rékus! Amazement by amazement. There were white horses, horse carriage, princess (okay, the bride), “hyggeligt“ castle, as it was a summer wedding, sunglasses waited for the guests, mineral water bottles with the picture of the bride and the groom, personalised popcorn, mindnight Cinderella scene, miracle wedding cake, sock cutting as the Danish traditions says,... I can’t and won’t overdo this. There are no pictures and no words, which could describe it good enough. And I’m, almost a year later, still thanking I could be there with You and your dear families, friends. It was a memorable birthday to me, I won’t forget it ’til I live. And that personalized popcorn on the way home... yum..

Rékus, Thomas, I wish you to be crazily, unlimitedly happy and laugh all day long until you’ll live! Just like in the fairytales. You desirve it. Both of you.

Good lights to everyone!

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