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Wedding ceremony through the eyes of the photographer

Civil, religious, outdoor, church or beach… The ceremony is that part of the wedding where the couple says the happy “YES” and is united in holy marriage. Depending on the great many customs, cultures and different social classes there exist a lot of wedding ceremonies, but no matter how it is: let your wedding be the one you dreamed of!

At the wedding ceremony the couple is wearing stylish clothing fit for the wedding. White wedding is a traditional Western custom, in which a bride wears a white wedding dress and veil, while the groom wears a suit that completes the bride's outfit. Besides the couple to be married some witnesses take also part at the wedding ceremony to certify the marriage. In addition, the wedding party, friends, acquaintances and other curious eyes often witness this special event, too. And of course, the wedding photographer, who is following every single moment of this important ceremony like a shadow.

It's a wonderful uplifting feeling – I can attest that!

Good light to everyone!

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