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Wedding guests through the eyes of the photographer

Wedding guests - „Consists of relatives, neighbours, friends of the couple to be married and of people and their family members who are in other social relation with them and their parents. In a broader sense, it includes the whole number of the participants of a wedding, all people taking part in the wedding ceremony, either by invitation or by actual presence. Long ago it was the custom in some places that there were invited only the closest relatives to the wedding, however, all members of the village had the right to participate at it. In the latter case, only those invited were meant as wedding party.“

At least, this could be the formal definition of the wedding party. As wedding photographer I totally agree , and I'd like only to complete this with some photos taken at previous weddings.

Because sometimes a wedding photo can tell you more than thousands of words.

Good light to everyone!

PS: Thank you for all the likes, sharing and reading!