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Wedding à la Italy

What are the first words that pop into your mind when you hear the words Italy and Italian people?

As for me, these words are: brimming with life, easy, friendly, jolly, and of course the DOLCE VITA, that is sweet life. But, what could a Slovak-Italian wedding be like? I was lucky enough to experience it for the second time in the autumn of 2017, this time in Hronsek, Central Slovakia. And this wedding did not disappoint me either. The wedding guests coming from two different nationalities got on very well with each other, everybody took the pace of the Big Day easily. Everyone from the youngest to the older ones was celebrating Maja and Tommy. Loud and even louder, dancing, singing, in a phenomenal mood! Our Slovak bride and her Italian groom live in Austria and run a fantastic Italian pizzeria on the bank of Neusiedler Lake. We have tested it more times and can only recommend it to everybody ( All of Tommy´s knowledge, experience, his heart and soul are in every single Italian wonder. Regardless of Austria and Neusiedler Lake, the church ceremony took place in the marvellous wooden church of Hronsek that was enrolled to the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO. If I had to rank the venues of the ceremonies so far, this masterpiece would surely receive a medal. Since then, I have returned there with my family because I think everybody should visit this place at least once. A perfect choice from the Happy Couple! And the fact that they chose us to be their wedding photographer was a huge honour. Thank you!

Maja, Tommy: I do not know the recipe of your superb pizza, but let me try to compile the recipe of a good marriage for you. I think it is similar to the following: 3 mugs of real love, 2 tablespoons of honest friendship, 1 pinch of tender love, 200 g of mutual respect, 1 mug of forgiveness, 1 tablespoon of patience and ½ mug of understanding. Whisk the ingredients to a smooth batter, cook it until golden, and decorate it with shared experience. It is the best if you serve it hot with cream on the top. And all of it every single day. "PER SEMPRE"!

Good lights to everyone!

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