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Wedding at one of the most beautiful Bavarian lakes

Germany is the 9th country where I have had the possibility to take wedding pictures through my career so far. And it is not just some random location.

I met Kirstin and Mathias in 2015 at an excellent wedding in Hungary. They booked us in 2016 to be their wedding photographer, and almost to the day, on our 11th wedding anniversary I was lucky enough to immortalize their wedding. The happy couple chose one of their favourite holiday destinations, the Bavarian Tegernsee Lake, to be the venue of the Big Day. The impressive panorama of Tegernsee surrounded by mountains, the merry group of friends and guests, the delicious grilled food, and, of course, the unmissable draft beer from barrels made the wedding even more memorable. Perfect preparation, impeccable implementation! It could be seen that the couple paid attention to every detail and they wanted to make this summer Friday afternoon and evening pleasant for everybody. This feeling was only enhanced by the sight of the unique welcome presents! After having driven more than 1000 kilometres and taken photos for nearly 16 hours, I can still feel like it was one of the most memorable wedding photo shoots of my life. I was enriched by new acquaintance, new surroundings, new wedding traditions and international experience.

Kirstin, Mathias – the beautiful green nature, that surrounded you on your Big Day and made the air fresher for you, has become an important part of your lives. From the depth of my heart, I wish you to be vital elements in each other´s lives for a long time and love each other eternally. Thank you for your trust!

Good lights to everyone!

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