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Wedding photography is one of the photographer activities that requires the most enormous and various preparation. We are well aware of this as the Big Day is also like a precisely composed music, where everything is in its place and everyone does its job according to the score. Still, each couple adds something new to this big event, and so it becomes a unique and special day.

We do everything in order to reflect quality, playfulness and a set of personal experiences and emotions on our photos, which make your Big Day so exceptional.

We love the Big Day and all the moments of its early morning preparation. We do identify even with the smallest moments of the wedding ceremony. Portraits are taken with our artistic eye and the after party is pictured as a set of very personal photo sequences. This is all done by us, real wedding EYEwitnesses.

We provide wedding photography mainly in Slovakia, but over the years we have received many requests for international, mixed wedding photography worldwide. Amongst our brides and grooms we have had Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Austrian, German, English, Irish, Italian, French, Belgian, Dutch, Chinese, Malaysian, Lebanese and Puerto Rican satisfied customers since we communicate without any significant problems with our couples in Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and also in English language. International experience is very important, because we can learn a lot of new things, which we can then apply in the future.

We hope that you will like our work and we can be the witnesses of your Big Day also through the lens.

Please contact us for more details.

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